Westinghouse 2400i Inverter Generator

Westinghouse 2400i Inverter Generator

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The Westinghouse 2400i digital inverter generator lets you take the power wherever you go. Whether you’re caravanning or camping, backing-up your home mains electricity supply or working remotely on site, the 2400i offers you the ultimate in portable power convenience.

Innovative technology enables the 2400i to generate power with higher fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and less weight than a standard generator. Its clean and stable power output is safe for all of your electronic devices including TVs, computers and mobile phones.


Powerful - 2,400 Watts maximum output - the highest in its class - lets you run more of your electrical devices.
Compact and Lightweight- at only 20 kg, it can be easily carried by one person using the ergonomic non-slip handle.
Quiet and Smooth - running from only 51 dB(A) so its operation won’t disturb you, or your neighbours.
Long Runtime - up to 24 hours achieved by the fuel-efficient engine and biggest-in-class 5 litre fuel tank.
Easy To Use - yellow coloured touch points guide you to the controls required for normal operation.
Mains Quality Electricity - from the digital inverter safely powers all of your sensitive electronic equipment.
Clean Air Technology -using a 4-stroke petrol engine with the latest emission controls helps protect the environment.
Plug and Play -convenience with everything you need supplied in the box including a dust cover.
Warranty Protection - for two years of domestic use to safeguard your investment (conditions apply).



  • 2400 Starting Watts / 2100 Running Watts
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry -  20kg
  • Ultra-Silent Running from only 52 dB(A)
  • Up to 16 Hours run time
  • Digital Inverter Technology – Safe for Electronics
  • 79 cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Petrol Engine
  • Compliant with Australian and US Emissions Standards
  • 240 Volt AC, 12 Volt DC and USB Fast Charge Outlets
  • Plug and Play – Just Add Petrol, No Assembly Required
  • 2-Year Domestic Use Warranty (conditions apply)
  • Dimensions - 450 x 34 x 44cm (LxWxH)

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What’s included with this Westinghouse generator.?
All Westinghouse generators come with a bottle of oil, oil funnel and a spark plug wrench.

How often do i need to service my generator .?
Maintenance schedules vary between models, so please consult the user manual included with your model for exact service intervals.

What happens if i overload the generator.?
The circuit breakers will automatically switch OFF if there is a short circuit or a significant overload of the generator at each receptacle. Do not overload the generator’s capacity. Exceeding the generator’s wattage/amperage capacity can damage the generator and/or electrical devices connected to it. Consult the User Manual for your specific model.

What type of fuel should i use with this generator.?
Clean, fresh, unleaded fuel, either 91 or 97 is suitable .

What type of oil is recommended ?
SAE 10W-30 engine oil under typical conditions. If running the generator in extreme temperatures, consult the User Manual for your specific unit.

Can i run this generator in the rain?
No. Never use the generator in a location that is wet or damp. Never expose the generator to rain, snow, water spray, or standing water while in use. Protect the generator from all hazardous weather conditions. Moisture or ice can cause a short circuit or other malfunction in the electrical circuit. Using a generator or electrical appliance in wet conditions, such as rain or snow, or near a pool or sprinkler system, or when your hands are wet, could result in electrocution.

Does this model generator have 15amp outlets?
Yes, this model has two 15amp outlets fitted as standard.

What is the warranty period for this model.?
All Westinghouse generators have a two year domestic warranty.

Is the warranty on this product a factory warranty from Westinghouse?
Yes, you get the full manufacturer’s warranty from Westinghouse which would be covered by any local Westinghouse service center.