Camping Generators

There is a great variety of generator brands and models when it comes to picking a generator for camping, but there is only a few that we can recommend as a good quality camping generator. With all the different choices an options you have to consider which one is best for you, and you can be assured that the Generator Store has the right one to match what you need. We recommend you look at three major factors when trying to select the right model.
1. Noise Level - This is very important as you dont want other campers in the area becomig upset because of your noisy generator. What you need is a quiet generator which is suitable for your camping needs, and our models listed below meet that specification. You will usually place your generator near your campsite area which means that a generator with a minimal noise level is the perfect choice. and
2. Small, compact and lightweight. The Honda and Yamaha range of camping generators are all small, compact and lightweight, so they wont take up much space in your car or 4WD, and wont add to much weight to your overall load. The Honda and Yamaha models listed below are all very light compact and small
3. Run Time. The ideal number of hours your camping generator should be able to provide is at least eight hours. With a full tank of fuel, you should be able to rely on steady clean power that will keep running the whole night. You dont want to wake up in the middle of the night to have to fill up the tank and then go back to bed again. A generator model with at least eight hours run time like the Honda and Yamaha generators models below are generators you can rely on to keep running through the night.