Why do we recommend buying a quality brand Generator..?

Companies like Honda and Yamaha are world leaders in design, quality and durability. Their products are by far the best on the Australian and world market, which they proudly back with warranty terms that are more than double than most of their cheaper competitors. You will have many years of hassle free use from a quality brand generator, service it regularly and it will start first time, every time. Both Honda and Yamaha have hundreds of dealers Australia Wide, so you are assured your generator is well backed for spares and servicing for many years to come.

How can i work out what generator i need for my application..?

When working out what generator is best suited for your application, you need to weigh up output, fuel efficiency, weight, portability, durability and safety features. It doesnt matter whether you want to power up your campsite, caravan, major event, construction site, or your house we have made it easy to find what generators are designed for your specific application. Simply view our Generators Buyers Guide here :- GENERATOR BUYERS GUIDE

What size generator do i need..?

The size of the generator determines the type and number of appliances you can power at once. You need to work out the amount of power you need to not only run your appliances, but to start them. For example, an electric drill might need 1000W starting power but only 500W to keep it running. You can find this information in the appliance user manual. Check the power requirements for each of the appliances you intend to run off the generator at any one time. Total the running power loads. Then look at the appliance with the highest starting power requirement and add this figure to the total. You need to choose a generator that produces more power than this figure. Remember – do not overload the generator, as this may cause damage to the generator or worse still, damage the connected equipment.

 Why should i be cautious when buying cheap alternatives.?

Be cautious when buying cheap copy generators, especially those less than $300. Some are of questionable quality and all generally produce low voltage from what they advertise which will lead to blowing up your appliances. The main issue with inexpensive genric generators is the lack of or no dealer support for the service and parts, which means if something goes weong, its mostly likely a throw away.

 What can I run off the 12 Volt DC receptacle on my Inverter generator.?

The 12 Volt receptacle is an emergency battery charger for automotive batteries only, it is not regulated.

Can I run my portable fridge off the 12 Volt DC on my Inverter generator.?

Yes, but the 12V leads should be hooked up to a battery first, then the battery should power your fridge. Or you can run your fridge off the 240V outlet.

What is the difference between KW and KVA..?

KW (kilowat) is the unit of real power and KVA (kilowat-ampere) is the unit of apparent power. In other words, KVA is the total power that appears to be flowing, but it includes the net power that is flowing in one direction and the amount of power circulationg back and fourth between the source and connected load. The net power that is flowing from the source to the load is the real power, the KW. The difference between KW and KVA is the power factor. To detemerine the KW and KVA ratio, Power Factor x KVA = KW formula is used.

What size generator do i need to start a electric motor..?

It all depends on the electric motor. The high current that some motors draw when starting causes a voltage dip in the generator. The starting current can be several times the rated full load current. This requires a larger generator. For exmaple, induction type motors (capacitor start / capacitor run) require additional current to start. On the other hand, motors fitted to hand tools generally do not require any additional start up current. Please dont hesitate to contact us to work out what size generator is needed to start your electric motor.

What size generator do i need for my welder..?

A welder is rated by its output current. Therefore to estimate its input power, you need to divide the output rating by thirty. For example, a 130 amp welder has an input requirement of approx 4.3KW, and a 200 amp welder has a input requirement of 6.7KW. As these figures are estimates we recommend selecting the next size up generator to be sure to handle your welders full capacity.

What are the benefits of a inverter generator..?

Inverter generators feature the latest in Inverter technology with a lightweight, easy to carry design. Inverter generators produce a pure sine wave which is the best and cleanest power of all which makes these models perfect for sensitive electronics, such as computers and are the most popular type of generator for recreational uses and for domestic backup requirements to run fridges, lights etc. Inverter generators provide super quiet operation with noise reducing casing and acoustic paneling. Inverter generators models also automatically adjust the engine speed to the optimum level, given the usage load meaning greater fuel efficiency.

My generator wont start - What should i check..?

1. Ensure clean fresh fuel is being used
2. Ensure the engine on / off switch is turned to on
3. Make sure the choke (if equipped) is set to ON for start up
4. If the generator is equipped with a vent valve on the fuel cap, insure the valve is OPEN
5. In the case of an electric start model, I turn the ignition key and nothing happens. The engine will not turn over and will not start.The battery is flat or not connected. Check the connections. The battery must be charged. A 12V battery charger can be used for charging. Alternately the unit can be jump-started from a car battery. The engine will recharge the battery when the engine is running. It will take around an hour. The battery must be charged each month or left on trickle charge if the air compressor is not being used for long periods of time.
6.Check that the engine has enough oil in it. Some engines have a sensor that prevents the engine starting when the engine oil gets low. With the engine sitting completely level, fill the engine oil until no more can be put in. It is very important that the engine is completely level when refilling engine oil - do not tilt the engine or you may end up with too much oil in the engine.

What type of oil do i put in..?

For most makes and models the correct oil is 10W-30, but always check with the manufacturers owners manual for what is specified for you model generator.

What are some generator service tips..?

Quality made Generators rarely if ever break down.
Most starting issues are with the fuel. Water in the fuel is the most common problem. It comes from condensation and is attracted by the ethanol content in most unleaded fuels available. It is a big problem but can easily be overcome by more attention to where you store your fuel. To rectify the problem drain the fuel tank and fuel lines and open the carby bowl drain. Let it dry for approx 1 hour. If you have access to a air compressor, blow the tank dry and down the fuel lines to expel any water which may be left. Pour half a litre of unleaded fuel into the tank and let it run through to the carby bowl drain. Close carby drain and refill with fuel. If the problem still exists contact us at the Generator Store or your local dealer. Always check the oil level before use. The correct oil level is, when the unit is straight and level, the oil should just about to dribble out of the oil filler hole. This way it is impossible to overfill. Never let the oil go black, always change the oil as it starts to turn colour. To change the oil, simply tilt the unit over to drain the oil from the oil filler hole and refill with genuine oil. Never use any Automotive Oil. Fit a new spark plug every service, clean the air filter when necessary or replace every year if used alot. For your generator to perform at its best every time it must have, Clean Fuel, Clean Oil and Clean Air.

How loud are your range of generators ..?

Honda and Yamaha generators have long been respected for quiet operation. Some models such as the Honda EU20i or Yamaha EF2000is have the 'eco-throttle deature which allows them to adjust the engines rpm up or down depending on the amount of wattage being used. This means the generators noise level will vary depending on the exact load being drawn.If your looking for a quiet generator to power your caravan, camper, motorhome 5th wheel, boat, etc.  you'll most likely want to stay with a generator that operates under 65dB at your average load.  This should keep you and your neighbors happy.  If you can stay under 60dB then you'll really be quiet.Also note that when you are selecting the model for your needs, sometimes a larger generator will be considerably more quiet at a given load.  This is definitely true on the Honda inverter generators. For instance, a Honda EU30is generator supplying 1000 watts will only be about 52dB where at the same 1000 watt load, a Honda EU20i would be running near 57dB or the Honda EU10i would be at full load and running at 59dB.

Do i need a generator with a long range fuel tank..?

A long range fuel tank allows you to run your generator for long periods of time without refilling. While a standard fuel tank might last between 2-5 hours of some models, along range fuel tank means you can enjoy anywhere up to 20 hours of operation. Only some model generators can be customised to include this optioanl extra. This is ideal for sites that need constant power more long periods of time.

Can i run a laptop or computer off my generator..?

Yes if you have the right style of generator. An inverter generator is highly recommended as it produces the cleanest power of all style generators. It is especially good for sensitive equipment as it maintains asn extremely high accuracy level of voltage and frequency fluctuation with very low wave distortion. Running a laptop or computer from a standard style generator is not advisable.

What is a Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)..?

A automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides a more stable voltage output to compensate for variation in voltage from load changes. It is ideal for when power is needed for some sensitive equipment or starting electric motors.

Where can i download the owners manual for my generator..?

We have the complete range of Honda and Yamaha owners manual available for download on our owner manuals download page.