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Generator Buyers Guide

Question 1 - What type of generator do i need..?
1. Recreational Range Of Generators  
  • Camping, Camper Trailers
  • Caravans, Motor Homes
  • Boating, Fishing, 4WD
  • Small Domestic Use, Small Mobile Businesses, Small Events
About this range:  All units in this range are Inverter Generators; the inverter technology produces ultra clean voltage so you can power sensitive electronics like phones, laptops, TV’s etc. Lightweight, quiet, compact and economical. Popular for charging your camping battery packs, running caravans and your favourite home and camping appliances. Also used for small portable backup requirements during blackouts, small events and for food vans, mobile businesses. Click here to view our recommended models for this range
2. Power Outage Range of Generators  
  • Running appliances during mains power blackouts
  • Direct Backup to house mains, Direct Backup for small business 
  • Backup to off-grid solar power, Auto-Start backup power
  • Remote power requirements, Small satellite offices
About this range:  Includes smaller inverter generators right up to larger AVR (automatic voltage regulation) generators, all suitable to run your domestic and small business appliances; your choice just depends on how many appliances and how big they are. There are petrol, diesel generators in this range. Auto-start models for automatic operation are also available. Popular with people living in storm prone areas, as well as remote properties and people living off-grid with solar power. Click here to view our recommended models for this range
3. Tradesman Range of Generators  
  • Construction Sites, Building, Tradesmen Work, Mining
  • Farming, Agribusiness, Rural Properties
  • Power Equipment, Tools, Welding 
  • Factory & Plant Maintenance, Hire Industries 
About this range:  Petrol and Diesel Generators in both Single and Three Phase power, suited for all trade applications. Built tough, typically with steel rollover frames and fitted with condenser style alternators making them suitable for resistive and heavy loads. Work Cover Approved models available which include the necessary worksite safety features. Other specialised trade genset types include; Welder Generators, Workstation Generators and Mine Specification Generators. Click here to view or recommended models for this range


Question 2 - What size generator do i need for my application..?

Depending on how you will use your generator, there are different categories to meet your needs. This can include recreation, home standby and construction. The right generator size is the one that is correctly matched to power all the tools / appliances you want to run at the same time. If you purchase a generator that is to big it will not only be more expensive, but will not run as efficiently as the a correct size generator would. On the other hand if the generator is too small, some of your equipment may not give it maximim output, and therefore its lifespan is reduced.   For correct sizing of a generator please refer to our Generator Sizing Chart Page.