Pramac 2 Wire Auto Start Controller (Petrol Models)

Pramac 2 Wire Auto Start Controller (Petrol Models)

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The Pramac 2 wire remote start controller kit is suitable for all 2 wire remote start applications for standby & prime power.
The Pramac 2 wire auto start accessory manages the start/stop of the generator from a closed circuit open/closed contact from a third party control system like a solar inverter or ATS transfer switch.

It also manages the basic generator running & protection to ensure easy operation.
Utilising the ComAp InteliNano auto start controller, the control box offers digital display, plug & play functionality and ease of use. 
The package is supplied with a basic 12V battery charger for trickle charging of the generator battery during standby mode waiting for a start signal. Customers can use their battery charging system but care must be taken to not overcharge the battery voiding warranty.
The basic setup is for a simple system suited for the Pramac Portable petrol series models with the CONN remote control connector socket (Pramac Models :- S5000  and  S8000 )

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