Manual Transfer Switch Kit

Manual Transfer Switch Kit

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3.00 KGS

The MTS (Manual Transfer Switch) Kit includes a 15 amp Inlet Connection , a 32 amp Inlet Connection, and a 32 amp Cahnge Over Switch. The MTS is intended to be used for switching between an isolated output (floating neutral) portable generator and the electric utility source (mains power). The generator may provide temporary electrical power to selected load if the utility source fails.

Manual Transfer Switch Kit includes :-

1 x Change Over Switch 2P 32Amp / 240Volt with Off

1 x 15Amp Inlet Connection (3 Flat pins)

1 x 32Amp Inlet Connection (3 Round pins)

Key Points :- 

  • The installation should be installed by a Licensed Electrician
  • Only one inlet connection to be installed per installation, discard unused inlet connection
  • The cord extensions set shall be long enough to place the portable generator at least 6.1m from occupied spaces
  • Wire suitable for 32 amps shall be used throughout the installation

The MTS is installed between the main distribution Panel / Load Centre, portable generator and the selected loads. The selected loads must be connected to the proper size circuit breaker for each load per electrical standard. The portable generator is conneced to the 15 amp or 32 amp inlet connection, which is recommended to to be located next to the mains power board.  Selected loads that are to be powered by the portable generator must not exceed the capacity of the generator and not exceed the amperage of the inlet connection. The generator should have a maximum 15amp or 32amp circuit breaker depending on what size generator. The operator is responsible for manually controlling the selected loads that are attached to the portable generator to obtain the desired operation. When on generator power the operator must monitor the load to prevent stalling the generator due to overloading.

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