How to start your generator - Quick Start Guide

How to start your generator - Quick Start Guide

16th Jun 2019

Use these instructions as a general reference guide for starting your generator. You may have purchased your generator quite some time ago and can't remember how it starts, or using your new generator for the first time.


Always consult your owners manual - Every manufacturer include a owners manual for their generator, it is always a good idea to read these, and each model generator has a different features.

Move your generator outside - Always operate your generator outside, Never run a generator inside your home, garage or shed.

Dont operate your generator during a storm - Water can cause electrical shock and damage to your generator

Check fuel and oil levels - Always use fresh fuel, and make sure the oil level is correct and most models won't start with a incorrect oil level.

Don't have any leads plugged in - Generators should not be started with a load plugged in. This can cause damage to the generator.

Starting Your Generator

Turn fuel tap on (some models have this part of the ignition switch)

Turn choke on (some models are equipped with a auto choke) - Once engine starts, after a few moments move choke from on to the run position

Open Fuel breather valve on fuel cap (found on most inverter generator models)

Turn Ignition Switch on

Pull recoil start rope or turn ignition key (some model have push button start) - Once your generator has started its now ok to connect your load

Refueling Your Generator

Always turn off your generator, let it cool down and then refill your generator with fresh fuel

Tip - If you're generator doesn't start or starts then stops, please refer to the troubleshooting guide of your owners manual