Honda Generator Parallel Operation Instructions

Honda Generator Parallel Operation Instructions

8th Aug 2023

The same Honda generator model with the parallel feature (EU10i, EU20i, EU22i, EU30iS) can be connected to each other to increase the available power using the Honda parallel cable kit, Thiscable is available as an accessory from Honda. (Note, different Honda models or non parallel featured models can not be used with the parallel cable)

Before connecting an appliance to either generator, make sure that’s the appliance is in good working order and that’s its electrical rating does not exceed that of the generators receptacle.

Most motorized appliances require more than their electrical rating for startup. When an electric motor is started, the overload alarm indicator may come on. This is normal if the overload alarm goes off within 4 seconds.

During parallel operation, the Eco-Throtlle switch should be in the same position on both generators.

Connect the parallel cable between both the same model generators, by following these instructions

Connect the parallel cable , making sure the same cable is plugged in the same terminal (left & right) on both generators (Correct connection of the right and left cables is very important)

IMPORTANT - If high electrical loads are to be connected , turn the eco-throttle switch to the off position on both generators to reduce voltage changes. With the generators running make sure both green output indicator lights are on. If not on, turn the generators off, restart the generators, and make sure both green output lights are on.

Start both generators and plug in your appliance

When two generators are connected in parallel, you must use at least one outlet on each generator to get intermittent maximum power and/or continuous rated power. Load must be distributed between multiple outlets on both generators. Or you can

If an appliance begins to operate abnormally, become sluggish or stops suddenly, turn it off immediately. Disconnect the appliance and determine whether the problem is the appliance or the rated load capacity of the generator has been exceeded.

IMPORTANT - Never connect other than the correct Honda generator models

Use only the genuine Honda approved parallel operation cable

Never connect or remove the parallel operation cable when the generator is running

For single generator operation, the parallel operation cable must be removed

Substantial overloading that continuously lights the overload alarm indicator may damage the generator. Marginal overloading that temporarily lights the overload alarm indicator may shorten the service life of the generator.