New Honda Generator models available with 2 Wire Auto Start


New Honda Generator models available with 2 Wire Auto Start

Solar power is a great idea to run your home, but when the sun is not shining, you batteries will start to loose their charge. The perfect solution to this is to install a back up generator to work in conjunction with your solar system. The generator store can offer two honda models fitted with a 2 wire auto start, which can be connected to your solar inverter. These generators when fitted with the 2 wire auto start will turn on automatically when the batteries need to be re-charged and off when fully re-charged. The Honda models available are the Honda EU30iS (3kva inverter generator), the Honda EG5500CXS (5.5kva AVR generator) the Honda EU70iS (7kva inverter generator), and the Honda EM10000 (9kva AVR generator) For full details on these models they can be viewed on our website, or please dont hesitate to contact our sales team on 1300 558 706. 


The Honda 2 Wire Automatic Start Module is appropriate for all applications where your generator is required to stop and start via a 2 wire signal. It is mainly used in solar applications, where your back up generator when fitted with this 2 wire auto start module works in conjuction with your solar inverter, to come on automatically to top up the batterys, and then stop when fully charged.

 The EU30is uses honda's advanced four-stroke gx200 engine for a maximum power output of 3,000 watts ac, and rated output of 2,800 watts, making it ideal for a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications.  

 The EU30is features a microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter that guarantees commercial-quality electricity – making it ideal for use with frequency sensitive electrical equipment such as computers.
 It also uses a high-speed multi-point alternator that is integrated into the engine itself. This Honda developed technology reduces the overall weight and size by 25% to 50% compared to similarly classed conventional models, making it very portable.  

The EG5500CXS features a large capacity fuel tanks for extended operating time, as well as the convenience of fuel gauges. In keeping with Honda's reputation for smooth and quiet operation, the EG range is fitted with anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers. Stable power delivery comes courtesy of Honda's highly advanced D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator) which uses a microcomputer to precisely control output voltage, providing high quality stable electricity.

The D-AVR offers a greater level of stability than conventional AVR types resulting in reduced load on the devices driven by the generator, increasing their life and facilitating 100% performance. For functionality and added safety, an AC/DC circuit breaker and oil alert light are standard on all models, while an easy-to-use control panel features 15 amp sockets, battery charger and circuit protector.