How to Guides

How to Parallel two Portable Inverter GeneratorsToday demands for more power is increasing, and generators large enough to power large appliances like air conditioners etc are sometimes not very portable due to their size and weight, thankfully, by running two smaller portable inverter generators in parallel, you can start and run larger appliances with ease.

How to start your generator - Quick Start GuideUse these instructions as a general reference guide for starting your generator. You may have purchased your generator quite some time ago and can't remember how it starts, or using your new generator for the first time.

How to Choose the right generatorIf you're looking for a generator, choosing the right generator is very important. Depending on how you will use your generator, there are different categories to meet your needs. This can include recreation, home standby and construction. The right generator size is the one that is correctly matched to power all the tools / appliances you want to run at the same time.

How to Work out the right size generatorYou will have to work the amount of watts that the tools / appliances you’ll be running use, and remember that with some appliances or tools the number wattage that is listed on the appliance is not an exact representation of the amount that it takes to run it.

How to prepare your generator for storageProper storage preparation is essential for keeping your generator trouble free and looking good. The following steps will help to keep rust and corrosion from impairing your generators function and appearance, and will make the engine easier to start when  you use the generator again.