Inverter Style Generators

Inverter Generator technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter generator package. You can even operate the most sensitive electronics without the fear of interruption. Computers and power sensitive testing equipment require what is referred to as 'clean power'. Clean power is electrical current that is consistant and has a stable 'sine wave' or signal. If the lights or other basic appliances in your home were being powered by a normal generator and there was a fluctuation in the AC power, you'd probally see the lights flicker - no problem! However if your computer was being powered by a normal generator and the voltage fluctuated, chances are the computer would either shutdown or at least interrupt the program you were working in. In order to overcome the problem, Honda and Yamaha developed a revolutionary form of inverter technology. This process takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special microprocessor. This means you can operate a computer or other sensitive equipment from aremote location without the fear of interrupted service or damage to the equipment. Honda and Yamaha have integrated parts from the engine and generator set, such as the combination flywheel / alternator which results in a more compact and lighter product that is purpose built to make clean, reliable power.

Yamaha EF1000iS (1.0KVA) Inverter Generator

$1,479.00 $1,235.00

Yamaha EF2000iS (2.0KVA) Inverter Generator

$2,149.00 $1,699.00

Honda EU10i Inverter Generator - Twin Combo Pack

$3,097.00 $2,699.00

Yamaha EF2400iS (2.4KVA) Inverter Generator

$2,489.00 $1,999.00

Yamaha EF2800i (2.8KVA) Inverter Generator

$2,259.00 $1,899.00

Honda EU22i Inverter Generator - Twin Combo Pack

$4,298.00 $3,490.00

Yamaha EF3000iSE (3.0KVA) Inverter Generator

$4,699.00 $3,799.00

Yamaha EF6300iSE (6.3KVA) Petrol Inverter Generator

$7,069.00 $5,579.00

Honda EU30iS (3.0KVA) Petrol Inverter Generator

$4,199.00 $3,550.00

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 (6.5KVA) Inverter Generator

$2,995.00 $2,895.00

Cromtech Brumby (3.0KVA) Inverter Generator

$1,395.00 $1,230.00

Honda EM30 (3.0KVA) Petrol Inverter Generator

$1,999.00 $1,750.00

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