How to Parallel Two Portable Inverter Generators

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Today demands for more power is increasing, and generators large enough to power large appliances like air conditioners etc are sometimes not very portable due to their size and weight, thankfully, by running two smaller portable inverter generators in parallel, you can start and run larger appliances with ease.

A lot of big appliances like the new air conditioner models fitted to the latest caravans are a lot bigger than previous models, so these new models require a bigger startup, which intern means a bigger generator needed. Of course when traveling space is everything, and sometimes a big generator that is needed to handle the start ups of big appliances like a air conditioner is hard too fit in, with its overall size and weight. In this case, this is the perfect scenario to have two smaller portable inverter generators running in parallel to handle the extra load. This will let you will save in space and weight..

Benefits of Inverter Generators

  • Can be run in parallel for increased power
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Fuel Efficient 
  • Are very quiet compared to traditional type generators 

If you already own a inverter generator, then you can buy a additional model (must be the same model), to run together in parallel to give you double the power. Brands like Honda, Yamaha and Briggs & Stratton all offer a range of inverter generators to be paralleled with the same models. Along with the second generator you will also need the manufactures parallel lead to join both models together. When running your generators in parallel with your parallel lead, one generator will act as a slave while you draw the full current from the other generator.

If you don't have a generator yet, and looking to start fresh we have a range of twin combo kits available on our website, which include everything you need to get started. These kits include two of the same model generators along with the correct parallel lead to run both generators in parallel. We have twin combo kits available from Honda, Yamaha and Briggs & Stratton.

Will paralleling damage the generators..? Inverter generators designed to be paralleled are perfectly safe as long you follow the manufacturers instructions, and use the genuine parallel lead. Ensure that the inverter generator model that you are using is compatible and is the same model to the other generator you want to parallel.


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