Honda EU20i vs The New EU22i Inverter Generator

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For over a decade now, Australians have relied on the popular Honda EU20i inverter generator to run their campsites and caravans, the Honda EU20i was the perfect sized generator for campers who wanted to take advantage of what nature has to offer in the comfort and style they enjoy. The EU20i powered hair dryers, toasters, provided light, made coffees, ran small rated aircons, charged mobile phones and most importantly, kept quiet! 

However, with the use of more electrical appliances in day-to-day life, the demand for more power is needed. Hence the release of the new Honda EU22i.

The new Honda EU22i Inverter Generator, with 200W more power and some great added features, that the EU20i didn’t have, makes the Honda EU22i the best in its class. Both the EU20I and EU22I are used for popular applications for leisure, back-up power at home and for the job site.  

The EU22i new features include:

  • A bigger oil filler opening, a longer spout and larger oil drain gutter to make for easier and cleaner oil changes
  • A fuel shutoff valve allows the engine to continue to run until the majority of the fuel in the carburettor is consumed and the engine shuts off, which helps prevent stale fuel issues and is useful for storing the generator
  • A stamped metal recoil rope insert provides increased product durability and reduces potential damage to the generator body
  • An increase in the ventilation for improved inverter cooling. The new ducts allow for the air to move more evenly over internal parts while improving the overall air flow for better cooling of key components
  • The stator/rotor configuration of the EU22i is improved, using some of the highest quality and most powerful magnets available in the market. These magnets, responsible for producing electricity, are thinner, keeping the diameter of the stator unchanged, reducing the weight of the component and providing more power output
  • Operational contact points are colour-coded in grey, and guide the user through the starting operation
  • The new design and styling of the EU22i more prominently displays the Honda logo on the side of the unit and output power on the front
  • Parallel connection allows for pairing of the all-new Honda EU22i with another EU22i or a Honda EU20i model for added convenience and more power 

The EU22i has Honda’s advanced 4-Stroke GXR120 Commercial Series engine. The 121cc engine delivers exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance. Using an overhead camshaft (OHC) orientation similar to the Honda GX100 in the older EU20i which was rated at 98cc.

The new Honda EU22i generator gives users the opportunity to step up to more uses and bigger applications over the EU20i without an increase in generator size, weight or cost. The engine is 20% larger in capacity than the EU20i Generator. The EU22i has a maximum output of 2200W, compared to the EU20i which was 2000 watts, The EU22i gives up to 8 hours of continuous operation on Eco-Throttle+, from a 4 litre fuel tank which is slightly less run time than the EU20i from the same size fuel tank but this is from the EU22i having a more powerful engine.

Warranty has stayed the same, with a 4 year domestic and 1 year commercial, Australian Wide warranty

Full details on the new Honda EU22i can be viewed here :- HONDA EU22i Inverter Generator Specs

Last update: Nov 27, 2018


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