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The Honda EU70iS is the biggest EU series inverter generator available. Boasting a massive 7000 watt maximum output. the EU70iS is the perfect solution for all large caravans, food and coffee vans, parties and more. Featuring Honda's Sine-Wave inverter technology for smooth, high quality power flow, the EU70iS safely provides power for frequency and voltage sensitive equipment, such as laptop computers and communications equipment, while being ideal for home backup power.

This generator gets power from a Honda GX390 four stroke engine with electronic fuel injection. The fuel injection improves overall fuel efficiency and reliability. It also has an eco-throttle system which regulates engine speed and fuel consumption in response to power load for even more fuel savings. The specifications say that it can run for about 6.5 hours at its rated load of 5500 watts on 19.2 litres of fuel.

The Honda EU70iS has both a manual recoil starter and a push-button electric starter with an internal battery. You will probably use the electric starter most of the time and only use the recoil start as a backup method. However, the EU70iS can have a remote starter which is useful for people who want to use it for emergency automatic backup power or solar installations. 

Some key features included with the Honda EU70is are :- 

  • Fuel Injection - The advanced electronic fuel injection systems allows the unit to run upto 18 hours continuously depending on load capacity, while minimising the need for maintenance
  • I-Monitor - Provides information on hours of operation, wattage and engine speed, as well as diagnostivs for convenient dealer servicing
  • Push Button Start - Hassle free push button electric start maks starting ther unit a simple push of a button
  • Oil Alert - this system shuts off the engine when low oil is detected
  • Ultra Quit Muffler - Triple chamber low tone muffler ensures whisper quiet operation
  • Eco-throttle - Automatically adjusts the engine speed, increasing fuel efficiency and performance

Honda EU70iS vs Yamaha EF6300iSE

Let us compare the features of these expensive 5500-watt inverter generators to see which generator comes out on top. 

FEATURE                          EU70iS                           EF6300iSE

Engine                          389cc                              357cc

AC Rated Output                5500W                             5500W

AC Max Output                7000W                             6300W

Fuel Tank                        19.2 litres                              17 litres

Run Time 1/4 Load        18 hours                                12.6 hours

Noise Level                        60 dBA                                65 dBA

Dry Weight                        118 kgs                               91 kgs

Warranty                         4 years                                    4 years

MSRP                                 $6599                              $7069

It seems like the Honda EU70iS comes out on top. This is true for its engine displacement, maximum surge power output, fuel tank capacity, run time at 1/4 load and noise level at rated load.

The Yamaha EF6300iSE might be better for some applications where a lighter weight is needed. Even so, it is a few decibles louder than the Honda generator. It also does not have a recoil starter. This is not a problem if you keep its internal battery charged and ready to start.


The Honda EU70iS is a heavy, expensive, powerful, quiet, high-quality, fuel efficient portable inverter generator. It might be the best inverter generator for recreational use and emergency applications.


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