Australia's Best Portable Generators of 2017

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Whether your travelling around Australia and need dependable portable power, or stuck in a storm when the power goes out you’ll want something reliable to help keep you going until the electricity comes back on. We sometimes take things for granted until its taken away, but we are very depended on electricty as we rely on it everyday, and even when its gone for a few minutes, we feel lost without it. When poratbel power is needed, look to a portable generator for a perfect solution to power your appliances on your camping trip or keeping the lights during a wild storm. Here are our top choices for the best portable generators on the market this year for the most popular applications.

Best premium brand generator - The Honda EU20i - The worlds best selling 2kva portable generator 

Running at just 59 decibels, Honda EU20i is lightweight, durable and user-friendly. Weighing only 21 kgs and featuring a 4.1 litre fuel tank, there’s enough power for four hours of operation at 100 percent load and around 9.6 hours at 25 percent load. It has two 15 amp AC outlets and one DC outlet offers flexibility for different types of rechargeable items or for keeping a refrigerator, television or laptop going. Features such as Eco-throttle and clean output also help explain away the more expensive price tag against its nearest competition. The 2,000 watts of starting power and 1,600 watts of running power maintain excellent fuel efficiency. There’s also a standard oil alert for proper engine maintenance, as well as a circuit protection feature to prevent the generator from overloading. Additionally, you can connect two EU20i generators in parallel and get twice the power. All in all, with Honda’s excellent four-year warranty behind it, the EU20i is a superb option that’s both small and quiet.

Best lightweight portable generator - The new Briggs & Stratton P2200i Inverter Generator 

Powerful and versatile, the new Briggs & Stratton P2200i PowerSmart series portable generator is an outstanding choice for easy transporting. The H-handle design allows the generator to be easily moved via one person or it allows for two people to share the weight evenly and move the generator.  Powered by an 111cc motor, the 2,200 starting watts and 1,700 running watts of power are good for up to eight hours of operation on the one tank of fuel at a 25 percent load. Capable of running most  household appliances, the Briggs & Stratton includes inverter technology to help power portable electronics such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. At 59-decibels of operating power, it’s quieter than the sound of a typical conversation between two people, so there’s no concern over the generator interfering with your everyday life while running in the background. Additionally, the control panel itself includes three total outlets (one DC and two household), plus a USB adapter. For even more power, the Briggs & Stratton can plug itself into a second unit to create an even stronger power source and keep more of the lights on. With a PowerSmart mode that automatically adjusts engine speed to conserve power, the Briggs & Stratton portable generator is an outstanding lightweight option.

Best portable generator for quietness - The Yamaha EF2000iS - The quietest 2kva on the market 

If you're looking for a quiet portable generator, check out the Yamaha EF2000iS and its 51.5 decibel rating for the best combination of size and performance. Invertor generators are a pure sine wave generator and are very fuel economical. Running just 1,600 watts of AC output with a 2,000-watt maximum, there’s plenty of power here for camping where the quiet performance is made to not disturb the wildlife. Fortunately, the 20kg Yamaha doesn’t feel particularly heavy, which is ideal for its 10.5 hours of continuous performance at 25 percent load on a  single tank of fuel. Additionally, there’s an extra connection option to pair the Yamaha with a second unit to amplify the power to a full 30 amps. Beyond the power options, there’s a low-oil automatic shut down and over-voltage protection, as well as an economical or economy switch to help keep the power low to spread out the available life over a longer period.

Best larger portable generator - The Briggs & Stratton Elite 9500 Portable generator 

Powered by a 7,000-starting watt engine, the Briggs & Stratton Elite 9500 portable generator is the crème de la crème of power. It has more than 25 percent surge wattage available, so you can run both appliances and power tools at the same time. The Briggs engine can run for more than nine continuous hours at a 50 percent load. Turning the Briggs Elite 9500 on is very easy with its electric start feature . Moving it around is “easy,” though at just under 100kgs, it’s not something you’ll want to handle by yourself. Fortunately, the inclusion of 12-inch, never-go-flat wheels ensure that portability is not an issue. With the weatherproof 15amp outlets available,  there’s plenty of connectivity for multiple items. Additionally, keeping the engine in top shape is easy, thanks to circuit breaker protection, rubber outlet covers and an hour meter to help gauge performance.


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